Hiking on Meccawe Club land

There are two maintained trails available for nature hiking on Meccawe Club land. They follow logging trails and an Old Stage Road that passes through the Club's managed forest lands. Follow the yellow trail signs. 


Short Loop Trail

1.5 miles. Follow Map Symbols #1-5

#1 Trail begins at the Forest edge past the far end of the dam. It follows an old well-worn logging trail that winds slowly uphill to a mature hardwood forest and then crosses a small brook and passes through a young forest before ending at the wide Old Stage Road.

#2 Take a left on the Old Stage Road and continue downhill and across a bridge that crosses a larger brook. Continue past a small wildlife food plot on your left and a larger clearing on your right that the Club eventually intends to turn into another wildlife food plot.

#3 Continue a short distance on the Old Stage Road across another stream until you come to a metal gate on your left that enters into a wide grassy road that was built as a winter snow machine trail.

#4 Take this trail through mixed hemlock and  hardwoods until it comes out at the Meccawe access road.

#5 Take a left on the access road to return to the Lodge.


Outer Loop Trail

2.6 miles

#1 This trail begins at the far right end of the dam (same as the Short Loop Trail).

#2 Take a right up the Old Stage Road past the Old Homestead (only a cellar hole remains) and aged apple trees.

#6 At the top of the hill are various trail signs on a post. Take the marked grass trail to the left.

#7 Follow the marked trail sign on your left where the trail forks. It comes out on a wider snowmobile trail and logging road that the Club has seeded to prevent erosion. Follow this for approximately 300 yards back to where it bisects the Old Stage Road at symbol #3 on the trail map. Follow the remainder of the short loop trail and trail signs to return to the lodge.

Meccawe Trail Map.gif