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Join us . . .

Download and return our application form and we will be pleased to consider your membership. The application will be voted on by the Board of Directors on or before the next monthly meeting and you will be notified. All dues and stock fees must be paid before an accepted applicant may use the club facilities.

You can print out a hard copy of the application and mail it to:

Douglas Harp
5 Prospect Street
Hanover, NH 03755

Right-click this link and select "Save Link As" . . . Application form for The Meccawe Club membership (pdf)

Or apply online at the link below.

Please email any questions you may have to:
Darcy Jameson,

Regular Membership Privileges


Our members, both local and beyond, often use the Club for long weekends and family vacations. Members may fish the pond and use the Club facilities anytime from opening day—generally in late April—until closing day, usually the last weekend in October.

In the off-season, members may use the club grounds to hunt and crosscountry ski. The Club maintains several miles of trails for member use; see our hiking page for a description of the loop trails and a trail map.


The Clubhouse

Members may rent up to five rooms in the Clubhouse. Members can also apply in advance to the Board of Directors for the use of up to six rooms. The Board may authorize such use provided no other Club members have reserved the sixth room. It is not uncommon for more than one member to share the Clubhouse simultaneously.


Members whose application has been accepted make a one-time stock purchase of a single share of stock for $250. Should the member ever decide to end the membership, the stock purchase is fully refundable.

Dues are set annually by the Board of Directors. The 2019 dues are currently set at $1,100. 

Dues are billed out in February or March and are payable in up to two installments, one by April 15 and the second by June 15 per member.


Under-30 Memberships

The Club also allows for six current Under-30 memberships, over and above the 75 regular memberships. These memberships are reserved for new members between the ages of 21 and 30.  

Under-30 memberships may be held a maximum of three years, renewed by the board on a yearly basis. Under 30 members have the same fish quotas as regular members. 

The annual cost of an Under-30 membership is currently set at $350. No stock purchase is required. 

Other Users and Uses

Spouses and Guests

Spouses, families, and guests are allowed to use all the club facilities, provided the club member is present.


With prior permission from the Board of Directors, meetings and other functions can be held at the Club on weekdays. In the past, for example, the Vermont Foresters and the Green Mountain Horse Association have held business meetings at the Club.