The Clubhouse

The Meccawe Club was founded in 1900, and the Clubhouse was moved to its current site in 1904. Rates: $5/night, guests $10/night.



Downstairs is a kitchen with two gas ranges, two gas refrigerators, pots and pans, silverware, etc. Members may use the kitchen at any time and are responsible for providing their own food and cleaning. There is a gas grill outside for member use.

Electricity is provided by a clean and quiet propane generator which members can turn on and off from the Clubhouse.

Also on the main floor is a dining room, a large, rustic community living room with a beautiful fieldstone fireplace and an ample supply of firewood. (The Clubhouse is closed during the winter as it is not heated.) A large screened-in porch with chairs and a dining area overlooks the pond. There is a land-line telephone and the Clubhouse also now has WiFi. 



The upstairs has six bedrooms that can be reserved by Club members, plus a bathroom with shower. Linens are provided.



Outdoor spotlights light the parking lot at night — otherwise there are few lights to affect your view of the night sky. 

There are Adirondack chairs and and picnic tables on the lawn overlooking the pond. A small shed houses a bathroom and a laundry room, and an outdoor sink is available for cleaning and bagging your catch. Large areas of mowed open lawn allow space for members to set up games such as badminton and croquet. 


Club Manager

Our full-time Club Managers, Mike Jones and Mary Dumas, are in residence from April through October. Members serve as volunteer caretakers eight weekends during the season.